·          Management of several major projects in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate

(Ing.-Ges. Gotthardt & Knipper)

·           Utility uses, waste management facilities and improvement areas in Aachen, Köln, Bonn, Treves, Luxembourg and a number of communities

       (Ing.-Ges. Gotthardt & Knipper)

·          Execution of several construction projects for supply and disposal lines, improvement areas, industrial constructions and traffic facilities

(Nahrings-Bau GmbH)

·          Processing of inspection measures in the field of sewer inspections and sewerage

(GKA GmbH)

·          Remedial action in the field of sewer construction and road construction (open and closed coverage type)

(Ing.-Büro GKA Thomas Nahrings)



Engineering company GKA Thomas Nahrings
February 2003 until October 2005
Construction management according to § 57 HOAI


Contractor: LBB Trier and LBB Landau

Ing.-Büro Monzel & Bernhardt, Ing.-Büro Briese

(approximately 42.000.000,00 € net)

Relocation of the US armed forces from Frankfurt on the Main to Spangdahlem and Ramstein

Rhein – Main Transition Program

Air Base Spangdahlem

Construction of Airfields, POL (petrol, oil, lubricant) conduits, utility uses and waste management facilities, traffic facilities and engineering work

Air Base Ramstein

POL (petrol, oil, lubricant) conduits (civil engineering)


From November 2005 until today
Construction management for Arge and their subcontractors


Contractor: Arge Perrard – Baatz – LUXTP

Construction of an underground parking lot in Luxembourg

Findel Airport, for 4300 cars

Constructor: Aerogare Luxembourg

(total  amount of 34.000.000,00 € for structural work)