Curriculum vitae and professional qualifications:

Civil engineer Thomas Nahrings, Wenzelbachstraße 71, 54595 Prüm, Germany
born in Prüm in 1958

Project manager in the field of civil engineering

Planning and project management

Final degree: 1981

1977 – 1978

1979 – 1981

Civil engineering studies

Technical University Berlin

University of applied sciences Wiesbaden


Occupational activities: 1981 - 1985 Construction management and planning in the field of road construction, sewer construction, construction of water supply, cable construction, gas pipe construction and industrial construction

Ing. Ges. Gotthardt & Knipper, Gemünd/Eifel

1985 – 1997


1990 – 2001



2000 -- 2006

Building company Nahrings-Bau GmbH, Prüm

Managing partner in the engineering and commercial division (50 employees)

GKA GmbH (limited company) in Prüm, specialising in sewer inspections and wastewater analysis

Manager (18 employees)

Engineering company GKA Thomas Nahrings


Professional experience:

- Civil engineer

- Construction management and quality assurance for:
  traffic facilities, sewer constructions, water supply, cable and gas pipe constructions, refuelling 
  systems, pipeline and airfield construction

- Remedial design and execution (wastewater)

- Planning and project management for:
  refuelling systems for airfields and static calculation of engineering work

- Software RIB-ARRIBA

- Planning and project management

- Safety specialist

- Instructor for several professions in the building industry

- Spoken languages: German, English, French